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Yan Chen


Yan Chen - Exploration Production - Total

Yan Chen - Senior Research Reservoir Engineer & Specialist in Optimization and Ensemble Methods

After earning a Ph.D degree in petroleum engineering from University of Oklahoma in 2008, Yan started her career as a reservoir engineer at Chevron Energy Technology Company in Houston, where she contributed to various reservoir management projects.

Yan moved to Norway in 2010 to take a senior research scientist position at the International Research Institute of Stavanger.

In 2014, Yan joined Total at the Geoscience Research Centre, where she carries out research in the fields of dynamic data assimilation, assisted history matching, production optimization, reservoir characterization and uncertainty quantification.

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Yan is the recipient of the SPE North Sea Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award in 2014.



Yan has published 26 papers in peer reviewed journals and has numerous papers in conferenceproceedings. Some recent publications include:

  • Y. Chen, Keynote-Geologically consistent history matching using the ensemble based methods, Petroleum Geostatistics, 7-11 September 2015
  • Y. Chen, F. Lallier, A. Moncorge, On Uncertainty Quantification of History Matched Facies Models, 15th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery (ECMOR XV), 29 August - 1 September, 2016
  • Y. Chen and Dean S. Oliver, Localization and regularization for iterative ensemble smoothers, Computational Geosciences, 21 (1), 13-30, 2017.
  • Dean S. Oliver and Y. Chen, Data Assimilation in Truncated Plurigaussian Models: Impact of the Truncation Map, Mathematical Geosciences, (online June 2018)

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