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TotalEnergies EP (Exploration-Production) in Africa began operations in 1928 in Gabon with its first  onshore exploration, which led to production starting in the 1950s. Since then, the Company has also developed offshore and natural gas operations, with a presence on all the major basins. Exploration-Production is now the continent’s main deep offshore operator and is one of the leaders in natural gas.

Sub-Saharan Africa, the historic origin of TotalEnergies’ presence on the continent, still counts as the center of the Company’s operations and a window into its deep offshore expertise. More specifically, four countries are the central focus of this expertise: Angola, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo and Gabon, which represent 25% of the production of TotalEnergies. 

In the Republic of Congo, TotalEnergies EP is the main operator (62% of the market share). With the Moho Nord project launched in 2017, the Company produces 140,000 barrels each day, representing 60% of the country’s total production. The division installed on the site the first TotalEnergies tension-leg platform in Africa as well an all-electric floating production unit.

In Angola, TotalEnergies EP is also the market leader with around 40% of the country’s oil production. At the start of 2022, the Company divested Bloc 14, located in a mature field as part of its plan to restructure its portfolio to include more low-cost and low greenhouse gas emissions assets. TotalEnergies is also a stakeholder in Angola LNG and a first solar power plant project, Quilemba Solar, in the southwest of the country. 

In Gabon, where Exploration-Production is the fourth largest producer in the country, the divestment strategy for mature fields with high break-even points has been put in place. At the end of 2021, TotalEnergies divested the Cap Lopez terminal as well as its shares in the non-operated permits. 

The recent events in Nigeria, where TotalEnergies EP is the second largest operator in the country (20% of the oil and gas production) with 33 assets, involves the production of the Egina field, which started in 2019. 200,000 barrels are produced every day, representing 10% of the country’s production.

In addition to its exploration positions in the mature sectors of the Gulf of Guinea, TotalEnergies is positioned in other key centers in Sub-Saharan Africa: the West of Africa with investments in several blocs in Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, as well as around the southern end of the continent in Namibia and South Africa. In this country, the experts from TotalEnergies Exploration-Production have made a significant discovery of gas and condensate.

Among the notable projects carried out on the continent to foster the Company’s growth, there is the development of onshore oil resources in the Lake Albert basin in Uganda, named Tilenga, and the construction associated with a pipeline (1,443 km) to connect with the Tanga Port in Tanzania

TotalEnergies EP, the TotalEnergies Exploration-Production branch is located in 40 countries in Africa.


TotalEnergies EP in Africa: some key figures 

  • Leader for oil products with 17% market share
  • Production (Sub-Sahara and North): 717 kboe/d, amounting to +20% of the Company’s total production
  • 15% of the Company’s proven reserves
  • 30% of the Company’s exploration investments
  • 5 photovoltaic factories (two in Egypt/Benban, 1 in Burkina Faso/Essakane and 1 in Uganda/Soroti) and 1 under development (Kenya/Isiolo)
  • 12,000 jobs created on the Moho Nord site in Congo, 11,000 in the Lake Albert basin in Uganda and Tanzania)