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TotalEnergies launched its Exploration & Production operations in the Asia-Pacific region in the 1970s, the first contract covering the region of Djambi in southern Sumatra, Indonesia. Today, the Branch operates in ten countries in the region, where it continues to develop its activities. Most recent installation: Papua New Guinea, in 2012.

In the Asia-Pacific region, we are developing a range of different operations in ten countries, in line with research and production in both traditional and new energies. To this end, we draw upon the unique industrial know-how we have developed, particularly in gas, and launch major forward-looking projects.

In Brunei, our teams operate the Maharaja Lela Jamalulalam gas and condensate field, discovered in 1990, whose concession will run until 2039. In Myanmar, they operate an offshore platform encompassing three sites – Yadana, Sein and Badamyar – supplying 50% of the country’s gas and 12% of the gas consumed in Thailand. In Malaysia and Cambodia, the three fields explored by TotalEnergies have significant development potential for the coming years. Similarly, the Elk and Antelope fields in Papua New Guinea, discovered in 2006 and 2007, respectively, offer a good outlook, with production likely to begin in 2027. 

In Australia, TotalEnergies’ Exploration & Production is operating the significant resources of Browse Basin, more than 200 km off the north coast of Western Australia, as part of the Ichthys LNG project, one of the world’s largest, which is based on facilities of exceptional size including in particular the southern hemisphere’s longest submarine pipeline. 

In China, we have developed a partnership contract with Chinese NOC in the southern part of the Great Sulige gas field in Inner Mongolia. We are also partners in the operation of the northern and southern offshore sites of Greater Bongkot in Thailand. Farther north, in Kazakhstan in Central Asia, Exploration & Production produces oil and gas offshore in the northern part of the Caspian Sea and onshore in Dunga.

To date, TotalEnergies’ Exploration & Production remains a key partner for all its Asian stakeholders, proudly representing the Company’s values in terms of safety, health and the environment and contributing to the development of local societies and economies. In Myanmar and Papua New Guinea, the Branch is launching health and education programs designed to assist the local populations. In Thailand and Brunei, it provides financial and logistics support to local entrepreneurs.

TotalEnergies’ Exploration & Production branch operates in ten countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

TotalEnergies’ Exploration & Production in the Asia-Pacific region: some key figures

  • Production: 303 kboe/day (including Kazakhstan)
  • Operating in 10 countries (including Kazakhstan)
  • >14% of the Company’s gas production
  • Proven hydrocarbon reserves (including Kazakhstan): 1,299 Mboe at December 31, 2020
  • Oil and gas wells: 3,336, >95% of which is gas
  • 1,052 M cubic initial production/day of gas produced