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TotalEnergies EP* has had a presence in Europe since the 1960s with its first site in Italy. It then quickly set up operations in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, and most recently in Denmark. As for Central Asia, Exploration-Production is installed in Kazakhstan and Russia. It is also in this country that TotalEnergies carries out nearly half of its production in the Europe and Central Asia zone, principally in natural gas.

In Italy, Exploration-Production operates 50% of the Tempa Rossa field, located in the Gorgoglione concession in the south of the country. The site produces 50,000 barrels of oil each day and 230,000 m3 of commercial gas. Farther north in Europe, EP has been located in the Netherlands since 1964 where it operates several fields.  

In the United Kingdom, Exploration-Production is the second major gas supplier to the country’s companies (by volume). The branch operates several gas fields, particularly in the Greater Laggan zone. In terms of the development strategy for renewable energies, TotalEnergies EP is a partner of the Clean Gas Project, the first commercial complete-chain CO2 capture, usage, and storage (CCUS) project in United Kingdom. It also contributes to the floating wind project, Erebus, located in the Celtic Sea in Wales, and in the offshore West of Orkeny Windfarm project in the Orkeny Archipelago in Scotland.   

Other countries where the Company holds a noteworthy position: Norway. TotalEnergies is the foremost oil company there. It also stands out through its innovative project such as Northern Lights, which is a seabed CO2 storage project, and the creation of a consortium with Iberdrola and Norsk Havvind for a call for tenders for an offshore wind farm, stationary and floating on two sites in the south of the country.    

In Denmark, the latest European country with the Company’s installations, TotalEnergies EP is part of the Danish Underground Consortium that operates 15 fields, located in the Central Graben in the North Sea, and which provides nearly 90% of Denmark’s oil and gas production. 

In Central Asia, Russia is a major country for the Company, which has set up ambitious development plans through its partnership with Novatek, particularly in LNG production with Arctic LNG 2 on the Gydan peninsula. The first cargo is expected in 2023. TotalEnergies EP also has a stake in Yamal LNG, which produced 19.6 million tons of LNG in 2021. Since the commissioning of the factory, which employs 5,000 people working in shifts, nearly 880 of shipments of LNG were delivered, which represents more than 60 million tons of LNG shipped to the international markets .

In Kazakhstan, through its Exploration-Production branch, TotalEnergies is one of the main shareholders of the North-Caspian Project consortium in charge of developing the giant Kashagan field as well as operating the Dunga project.


TotalEnergies EP in Europe and Central Asia: some key figures 

  • Present in 7 countries
  • Total production: 1,039 kboe/d, with 380 kb/d of oil and 3,547 Mmcf/d of natural gas
  • Russia: 478, with 77 kb/d of oil and 2,155 Mmcf/d of natural gas
  • Kazakhstan: 76, with 62 kb/d of oil and 69 Mmcf/d of natural gas
  • United Kingdom: 201, with 70 kb/d of oil and 710 Mmcf/d of natural gas
  • Norway: 217, with 130 kb/d of oil and 470 Mmcf/d of natural gas
  • Denmark: 36, with 26 kb/d of oil and 54 Mmcf/d of natural gas
  • Italy: 16, with 15 kb/d of oil and 2 Mmcf/d of natural gas
  • Netherlands: 15, with <1 kb/d of oil and 87 Mmcf/d of natural gas

* TotalEnergies EP is the Exploration-Production branch of TotalEnergies.