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Sylvain Calassou


Sylvain Callassou - Exploration & Production - Total

Sylvain Calassou - From Convergent Margins to Foothills Project Manager, Frontier Exploration R&D Program

Sylvain is a geologist and Ph.D. in Earth Sciences who completed a thesis on Eastern Tibet Triassic Fold Thrust Belt & Accretionary Wedges, Analog Modeling (University of Montpellier 2 & Geological Institute of Beijing & Chengdu). He began working at Elf in 1995 as a specialist in compressive deformation. Sylvain joined the Structural Geology Department in Pau, France, and took part in numerous R&D studies and geological synthesis projects all over the world, including Bolivia, Peru, Nigeria, China, the Republic of the Congo, Angola and the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2001, his first expatriate assignment took him to Houston, Texas, where he spent a year identifying and interpreting prospects, before producing a synthesis of the Gulf of Mexico petroleum system.

He continued his career in Port Harcourt, Nigeria from 2004 to 2007, interpreting seismic surveys, identifying regional prospects and completing and monitoring wells (dry holes and finds: Owowo and Egina South). He then moved on to Gabon, where he was responsible for pre-salt onshore synthesis from 2007 to 2009. Sylvain created the rules and maps, or “Convention,” for offshore acreage in Gabon. He later joined Total Exploration & Production UK in Aberdeen, where he took a job as chief geologist for new projects and synthesis manager for the Central Graben and the North Sea. The documents he produced (paleogeographic maps) remain relevant today, along with the reports on prospects.

In 2014, Sylvain retuned to Pau, where he joined R&D and became project manager for the Frontier Exploration Program project known as From Convergent Margins to Foothills. This ambitious project, conducted with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the French Geological Survey (BRGM) and various universities, refines our understanding of the tectonic convergence of basins. Besides devising a new methodology to explore such complex acreage, his work sharply improved our understanding of how abiotic gases, especially native hydrogen, are generated and can be explored.

Sylvain has authored and co-authored 17 publications (Scopus database) in the fields of structural geology, geodynamics, basins, energy, geochronology and geochemistry.

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Research & Development

Orogen: Finding New Oil Basins in Mountain Ranges