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Stéphane Collas

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Stéphane Collas - Exploration Production - Total

Stéphane Collas - Production Availability Specialist

Stéphane graduated in 1999 from the ESTP (Civil Engineer with Mechanics / Electricity option). In 2000, he obtained a Master in Computer science at the Compiègne University of Technology. He then completed 4 years of PhD on "Simulation of rare events for dependability".

After having worked for 8 years in the EADS group (now Airbus) as a reliability engineer, he is now Production Availability Specialist and, as such, ensure the role of referent in methods and studies for Reliability, Availability and Production Availability of safety and production systems (for projects or operated installations). 

His main missions for Exploration & Production are:

  • To advise projects and operational entities, promote good practices in studies, in the use of reliability databases (frequency of breakdown and average repair time of equipment in operation) or in the use of calculation tool.
  • To develop, manage and provide central services and subsidiaries with probabilistic calculation and simulation tools for the various needs of the group (HIPS and SIL studies, Production Availability Studies, risk analyzes, RBM, sizing / optimization of stocks, etc.).
  • To guarantee the quality of the studies achieved internally or externally and to provide assistance for the modeling of stochastic phenomena.
  • To take part in HIPS Committee as reliability representative.

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  • HIPS committees: ABK, Akpo, Absheron, Kaombo, ODP1, Ichthys LNG, Ikike, Shah Deniz… .
  • Production Availability Studies: CLOV, Ichthys LNG, Joslyn north mine, Kaombo, MLJ south, Moho Nord and 1bis, PNGF, Stockman, USAN, Absheron, DALIA 1b and DBN, Elk Antelop, Tempa Rossa, Egina…. .

Since 2008, he has also been in charge of developing the GRIF software platform (Reliability component of PIT EXP) and has been involved in R&D projects such as Wellteller or Subsea Power for which he has realized Production Availability models.  



Stéphane has various responsibilities outside Total in order to maintain and improve the reputation of the Company nationally and internationally. He is so far:

  • Deputy representative in OREDA Steering Committee JIP (Offshore and onshore REliability DAta). The JIP was created in 1983 and gather company like BP, Shell, Eni, Statoil, Petrobras or Gassco ;
  • • French representative in several standardization committees like ISO/TR 12489 ("Reliability modelling and calculation of safety systems") and IEC 61511 ("Functional safety – Safety Instrumented Systems for the process industry sector") ;
  • Member of Program Committee of Lambda-Mu, biannual congress organized by French Institute of Dependability ;
  • • Reviewer/article proofreader for several international scientific journals or PhD thesis like SIMULATION: Transactions of The Society for Modeling and Simulation International, RESS (Reliability Engineering and System Safety), PhD of Maider ESTECAHANDY « Méthodes accélérées de Monte Carlo pour la simulation d’événements rares – applications aux Réseaux de Petri  »


  • Méthode de calcul de la disponibilité de production des systèmes pétroliers multi-flux.

20th French Reliability, Availability and Maintainability conference - Lambda-Mu 20 (Oct 2016)

Cyrille Folleau, Stéphane Collas, Céline Vinuesa

  • New simulation model for evaluating the production availaibility of petroleum systems.

26th European Safety and Relaibility conference – ESREL 2016 (sept 2016)

Cyrille Folleau, Stéphane Collas, Céline Vinuesa

  • Some acceleration methods for Monte Carlo simulation of rare events. 

Rel. Eng. & Sys. Safety 144: 296-310 (2015)

Maïder Estecahandy, Laurent Bordes, Stéphane Collas, Christian Paroissin

  • Fast Monte Carlo Simulation Methods Adapted to Simple Petri Net Models. 

ARES2014: 370-379 (2014)

Maïder Estecahandy, Stéphane Collas, Laurent Bordes, Christian Paroissin

  • Make your Petri nets understandable: Reliability block diagrams driven Petri nets.

Rel. Eng. & Sys. Safety 113: 61-75 (2013)

Jean-Pierre Signoret, Yves Dutuit, Stéphane Collas, Pierre-Joseph Cacheux, Cyrille Folleau , Philippe Thomas

  • Assessment of the expected number and frequency of failures of periodically tested systems. 

Rel. Eng. & Sys. Safety 118: 61-70 (2013)

Jean-Pierre Signoret, Yves Dutuit, Stéphane Collas, Pierre-Joseph Cacheux, Cyrille Folleau , Philippe Thomas


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