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Søren Hansen

Oil Facilities

Søren Hansen - Exploration Production - Total

Søren Hansen - Senior Structural Engineer

Søren graduated from Aalborg University in Denmark with a master’s degree in Structural Design. He began his career in the Marine Structures Department at Ramboll Oil and Gas, specializing in designing and reassessing jacket structures.

In 2014, he joined Maersk Oil in the Structures & Pipeline Department, assisting with reassessing and extending the lifetime of jacket structures and minor design modifications. Søren was appointed to provide functional support to the Tyra redevelopment team, designing extensions for the module support frames on the existing Tyra jackets, to raise the topsides approximately 13 meters.

Søren is a member of the Structures team for the Gorm-Tyra asset at Total Exploration & Production Denmark, specializing in reassessing and extending the lifetime of existing jacket structures.

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