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Renaud Deboaisne


Renaud Deboaisne - Exploration Production - Total

Renaud Deboaisne - Reservoir Engineer & Geoscience Manager of the North Dome 2018 project

Renaud earned an engineering degree at the Pierre and Marie Curie University Paris VI (DESS AIST). After finishing his master’s degree in geology, he went on to complete a one-year specialization in IT applied to earth sciences. He joined Elf in 1990 as a reservoir engineer, in charge of research on the development of software modules designed to improve the understanding of well imaging.

He spent four years in the Norwegian affiliate of the Elf group, where he contributed to the development of several hydrocarbon fields.

For the next five years, he managed a team in charge of uncertainty evaluation and geostatistics within the Reservoir division. He is currently supervising a team of geoscientists working on one of the largest gas fields in the world.



Renaud won a Best Innovators award in 1993 for development of the Diamage software and filed a patent for the process for quantifying well ovality based on well imaging.

Renaud published several papers on cross-disciplinary topics dealing with the interpretation of well tests, reservoir engineering, geology and uncertainties in geosciences.

Best Innovators

Evaluating the Reserves of Mature Assets