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Pierre Faurissoux


Pierre Faurissoux - Exploration Production - Total

Pierre Faurissoux - Reservoir Technician

In 2012, Pierre earned a Technical University Degree in Physical Measurements from the Technical University of Limoges, with a focus on physical and chemical materials and inspections. He alternated studies with work within our Fluids and Organic Geochemistry laboratory, where he studied sulfur components in crude oils, as part of reservoir characterization.

Pierre then joined Total in 2014 in the capacity of Reservoir Technician at the PERM  (Petrophysics, EOR and Reservoir Management) laboratory. His assignments include petrophysical characterization of core samples.

Pierre is the author of three patents filed in petrophysics. He has also signed two articles: Ultra Fast PcRI and A fast method for trapped gas determination.

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