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Pierre Bergey


Pierre Bergey - Exploration Production - Total

Pierre Bergey - Reservoir Engineering Advisor

Pierre graduated from the Ecole Nationale de Géologie in Nancy. After starting his career as a volcanologist in Indonesia, he joined Total as a Reservoir Geologist; he later worked as Reservoir Engineer. He held various oil reservoir operations and development positions in Angola, USA, France, United Arab Emirates, and Canada (carbonate and clastics).

From 2004 to 2011, he got involved in Extra Heavy Oil domain and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage activities in particular, supervising reservoir development studies, leading the geoscience enquiry within the 2006 Joslyn steam release incident, managing geoscience aspects of operations for some Total assets and following activities of assets operated by other parties. From 2011 until 2014, he led, within Total Aberdeen Geoscience Research Center, a research team active in the dynamic reservoir model Assisted History Match and the pore scale flow simulation domains.

Since 2014, he acts as Reservoir Engineering Advisor in Total headquarters in charge of quality control and technical knowledge fostering activities. In parallel he is actively engaged in reservoir development optimization R&D.

Pierre is holder of multiple patents in the realm of geo-modelling and reservoir engineering and has written a number of publications in the domain.

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