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Nicolas Clavé

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Nicolas Clavé - Exploration Production - Total

Nicolas Clavé - Reliability Engineer

In 2005, Nicolas earned a Master’s degree in Stochastic Models and Operations Research from the University of Bordeaux.

After working eight years for the Total contractor, Fractal Système, he is now Production Availability Specialist where he serves as an expert in studies on reliability, availability and production availability of safety and production systems in the context of projects and operating facilities.

His main Exploration & Production assignments include:

  • Advising onsite projects and operating entities and promoting best practices on all matters relating to studies and the use of reliability databases (failure rates and average repair times of operating equipment).
  • Developing, managing and supplying central services and affiliates with quality reliability data to meet the different needs of the Group (HIPS studies, production availability studies, risk assessments, RBM, stock sizing/optimization, etc.).
  • Guaranteeing the quality of analyses carried out internally and externally, and providing assistance in the collection of reliability data.

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  • Before working for Total: Yemen Upstream, Usan, CLOV, Ofon II, Moho Bilondo, Pazflor, etc.
  • After joining the Group: Kaombo, Libra, Incahuasi, Egina, Elk Antelope, CMA-1 Plant Expansion, Dalia, Moho Nord, Absheron, Uganda (upstream facilities and export pipe), Tempa Rossa (upstream facilities and export pipe), etc.

He also participated in several R&D projects, such as recently in the ACCE or Subsea Power projects, for which he created production availability models and provided reliability data.



Nicolas holds several positions of responsibility outside of Total, where he defends and improves the company’s national and international reputation. So far, he has been:

  • Chairman of the OREDA (Offshore and onshore REliability Data) JIP Steering Committee, created in 1983 with the participation of BP, Shell, Eni, Statoil, Petrobras and Gassco, among others.
  • French representative within several standardization committees such as the one for ISO 14224 (“Reliability data collection and exchange”) and for ISO 20815 (“Production assurance and reliability management”).
  • Member of the program committee for the Lambda-Mu, a bi-annual conference organized by the French Institute of Risk Management.
  • Article reviewer/proofreader for various international scientific journals such as SIMULATION: Transactions of The Society for Modeling and Simulation International, IET Power Electronics or RESS (Reliability Engineering and System Safety).



  • “Offshore & Onshore reliability data (OREDA) collection – Snapshots from an OREDA JIP member company”
    March 2017, International ISO standardization seminar on reliability technology and related costs, NEN, Delft, Netherlands
  • “GRIF-BOOL: Risk assessment with an analysis tool handling multiple types of Boolean modeling”
    October 2016, 20th French Reliability, Availability and Maintainability conference (Lambda-Mu 20) - Co-author(s): Céline Vinuesa (Satodev), Cyrille Folleau (Satodev) and Pierre-Joseph Cacheux (Total)
  • “Uncertainties in reliability calculations according to IEC 61508 & 61511 standards”
    October 2016, 20th French Reliability, Availability and Maintainability conference (Lambda-Mu 20) - Co-author(s): Frédéric Doux (Fractal Système), Marie Boiteau (Fractal Système) and Jean-Pierre Signoret (Total)

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