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GHG Realtime Monitoring tracks GHGs on site in real time

A project presented by Victor Ezeanaka, Douglas Fuenmayor Gonzalez, Soren Bojer Jorgensen, Guilhem Nourisson and Benoît Pages

Simple and modular, GHG Realtime Monitoring places greenhouse gas (GHG) emission indicators at the heart of on-site operational decision-making. For the first time, this solution - which is suitable for any type of asset - allows the monitoring and quantification of GHGs in real time, which is a major enabler in their reduction, representing vital headway in the TotalEnergies roadmap for reducing its emissions.

Best Innovators 2021 - GHG - Realtime Monitoring Solution – Exploration & Production – TotalEnergies

Real-time monitoring and KPIs

GHG Realtime Monitoring calculates, in real time, the estimated GHG emissions from a range of emission sources and different types of equipment on operating assets. The solution generates key GHG indicators immediately. These KPIs provide simple, understandable information that can be used to analyze emissions and consider ways of reducing CO2 at all levels in an affiliate or site, right the way down to individual items of equipment. Operators can compare actions whilst rapidly quantifying their impact and can then eliminate those that are sub-optimal and inefficient. Users can even define new types of target, even for an individual piece of equipment such as a turbine. This level of detail has never been achieved before.

In just a few clicks, GHG Realtime Monitoring also makes it possible to monitor, display and select potential ways of reducing CO2 emissions within daily operating activities. 

Tracking GHG emissions becomes a high-return part of the everyday routine

  • The tool recognizes the necessity of reducing GHGs in day-to-day decisions. Environmental performance indicators are incorporated into field operations as well as production performance indicators! By transmitting the right information to the right people at the right time, GHG Realtime Monitoring makes it possible to track opportunities for reducing CO2 in a manner that is effective, continuous and thorough. 
  • This novel approach ensures the practical dissemination of a low-carbon culture by involving and empowering the greatest number of people possible.
  • This solution, in combination with existing maintenance and production monitoring tools, also enables operators to rapidly identify inefficient equipment, undesirable variations from prescribed processes and inaccurate measurements, all of which could affect a site’s production or integrity.

A breakthrough based on simple, standardized technology

  • Intuitive and easy to use, GHG Realtime Monitoring has been designed using only data that is currently available and software that is already deployed in TotalEnergies affiliates, ensuring the highest level of standardization without any external code, training or new licensing being required. GHG emissions are calculated in real time for each source by several of modular models built up block by block and deployed in parallel. These are standard for all affiliates and they use a calculation method directly accessible with PI Suite. Emissions and KPIs are displayed on multilayer, modular and scalable screens that provide for hundreds of potential items of equipment.

Rapid, promising deployment

  • The first GHG Realtime Monitoring models were developed in just four months. They can cover 80% of GHG emissions connected with TotalEnergies’ Exploration & Production activities.
  • The solution is already being deployed on more than 20 sites, 60 rotating machines and 10 flares, i.e. nearly 35% of E&P’s emissions. It should enable a reduction in GHGs of 200 ktCO2eq per year, based on 1.5% of emissions monitored.
  • GHG Realtime Monitoring could be transposed to assets operated by others (OBOs) that use PI Suite tools, and to Refining & Chemicals activities.

The project team