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TotalEnergies and its internationally renowned specialists have chosen to focus on spearheading technological innovation, a pre-requisite to promoting new solutions for a responsible and sustainable production. Petroleum exploration, appraisal of discoveries, designing complex drilling trajectories and deploying innovative solutions to boost recovery factors and manage industrial impacts. These are the daily challenges faced by our 2,900 employees at the CSTJF, TotalEnergies’ main R&D hub for Exploration & Production, to overcoming technical barriers and helping to access frontier resources.​

Discover the CSTJF, Jean Féger Scientific and Technical Centre

Jean Féger Scientific and Technical Centre (CSTJF) - Exploration & Production - TotalEnergies
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The CSTJF, home of Pangea III and Sismage CIG

Since June 2019, the CSTJF has been equipped with Pangea III - one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world - to process and analyze seismic imaging and reservoir simulation. With processing capacities of 25 petaflops, this computing power is put in the service of researchers, geoscientists and engineers to offer them a better representation and a more precise positioning of hydrocarbon traps. Their models thus benefit from an unprecedented level of simulation of complex fluid flows with extremely fine and detailed modeling of reservoirs.

Combined with Intersect, our next generation resevoir simulator, Pangea III provides exceptional performance gains by accelerating calculations. Also based at CSTJF, the Sismage CIG (Geoscience and Reservoir Chain Integrated Platform) team benefits from the power of Pangea III and a unique palette of tools to optimize the location of wells and choose the most suitable production scenarios. The result is the best possible development and millions of dollars in savings to optimize our profitability.

A Worldwide Technical Excellence Benefiting to All Our Affiliates

Fully certified to ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 standards, twelve class leading laboratories provide full backup and technical support to our Exploration & Production affiliates and their partners operating in more than 50 countries. Pushing exploration success and recovery factors ever higher, their expertise includes different fields such as:

  • Sedimentology and structural interpretation, to assess reservoir quality, carbonate diagenesis, connectivity and water rock interactions, clay, mineral and shale formations.
  • Fluids and organic geochemistry, to assess fluid properties and source rock potential, with our new geochemical tool to analyze rock samples or cores: LIPS (Laser Induced Pyrolysis System).
  • Petrophysics and enhanced recovery mechanisms, such as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (C-EOR), to improve the understanding of physico-chemical mechanisms and optimize experimental modeling.
  • Field operations and corrosion, to simulate fluid behavior and additive efficiency, hydrate prediction and mitigation, as well as water treatment membrane selection.
  • Drilling fluids, to design and validate mud systems for plugging induced fractures while maintening drilling, and to predict cement sheath integrity.
  • Reservoir wellbore interface, to control sands and assess shale sensitivity and fines migration.
  • Geomechanics, to identify the best technologies and enable their application to ensure wellbore stability and maximize asset recovery.

Located a few miles away from CSTJF, TotalEnergies' Research Center in Lacq (PERL) contributes to the reputation of our scientific expertise in three essential areas for exploration-production:

  • Gas separation and treatment, with the formulation of new solvents to expand our range of absorption processes developed for the treatment of sour gases. One of our greatest commercial successes, HySWEET® solvent, permits the simultaneous removal of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and carbon oxysulfide.
  • Physical chemistry of interaces, focusing primarily on liquid/liquid interfaces (control of emulsions, deposits, corrosion and formulation of surfactants for C-EOR) but also solid/liquid and liquid/gas interfaces.
  • Managing environmental outcomes, such as soil remediation and hydrogeology, water treatment and impact management.

Research & Development: the Spearhead of Innovation at TotalEnergies

Here at CSTJF, over 200 R&D engineers and technicians are developing innovations that will enable profitable production of frontier resources and optimize production techniques to increase reserves on existing fields.

Their numerous research projects are dedicated to reduce the impact of our activities, while ensuring the safety of people and facilities, and preserving and protecting the environment. A significant part of their work relates to emerging themes such as nanotechnologies and robotics. Some of their research is already shaping the Oil & Gas world of tomorrow:

  • With the deployment of intelligent drones capable of dropping a series of sensors, the Metis project (Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System) was designed to conduct onshore seismic acquisition campaigns in hard-to-access areas, such as the Papua New Guinea forest or the United Arab Emirates desert.
  • In our continuous quest for improved safety and lower cost, we believe robotics has a key role to play. The first robotic competition ever organized by the Oil & Gas industry made it possible to develop the Argos autonomous robot. It is now under test phase in field conditions on oil installations.
  • From an environmental point of view and to meet and exceed further regulatory requirements, our teams have developed a biological filtration system called Biomem. Millions of microorganisms "consume" residual hydrocarbons to purify water intended for discharge into the ocean without toxicity.

As TotalEnergies' Research and Development nerve center for exploration and production activities, the CSTJF thus actively participates to the Group's goal: supplying safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy.