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SOWER simplifies the design and the development of our onshore well pads

A project presented by Juan Carlos Flores and Jaime Fariñas

SOWER (Standardization of Onshore Well Pads with Renewable Energy) groups together 95% of the surface equipment required for an onshore production platform in a transportable units. This simplification drastically reduces the deployment timeframe and commissioning costs of isolated sites without compromising the safety, quality or reliability of the facilities.

Two modular "plug and play" skids

TotalEnergies operates hundreds of onshore wells around the world, often on remote sites with complex topography involving costly and difficult EPC, logistics and labor arrangements. Almost all equipment (piping and valves, instrumentation and control, communications, electricity supply etc.) is supplied in separate batches - each with its own technical specifications - and have to be assembled item by item on site.

SOWER simplifies the development and onshore operation of these isolated pads. A first in TotalEnergies, this ‘plug and play’ solution groups together 95% of equipment in the same module, and it is almost ready for use. The electricity supply is autonomous and is fully solar-powered by means of a photovoltaic unit transported on a second module.

Developed by team from TotalEnergies Exploration & Production Bolivia’s Incahuasi project with the support of specialists from HQ and TotalEnergies Austral, this standardized, integrated solution simplifies the EPC design and execution phases.

  • A first skid incorporates onshore instrumentation, integrated control system, wellhead control panel, all the valves, hydraulic power unit, chemical injection pumps and pressure safety valve.
  • A second skid carries the communication equipment and an autonomous photovoltaic plant, with Sunpower panels and Saft storage batteries. Generating green energy autonomously eliminates the time and cost of burying the medium voltage line and helps to reduce our environmental footprint.
SOWER (Standardization of Onshore Wellpad with Energy Renewable) Project - Best Innovators 2020 - Exploration & Production - Total

SOWER makes CAPEX melt away

SOWER reduces the investment necessary and shortens the time taken to develop onshore fields by several months. Optimizing the activity on site also decreases the risk of accidents. Lastly, SOWER makes remote operations easier and decreases operating costs (OPEX).

This solution was implemented for the first time on the ICS-3 production well of the Incahuasi project in Bolivia, and has been in service since April 2019 with:

  • a six-month saving on the 18-month execution schedule;
  • 80% fewer work hours in site;
  • an investment of $7 million instead of the anticipated $21 million.

The experience acquired should shorten the construction, commissioning and start up of a second well - ICS-05 - by 10 months in 2021.

SOWER (Standardization of Onshore Wellpad with Energy Renewable) - Best Innovators 2020 - Exploration & Production - TotalEnergies

A standard governed by the Total reference framework

These skids are assembled in a workshop before being transported to a site. They are designed, and use components, in accordance with standard rules and approved deviations and under the TotalEnergies reference framework, which incorporates the best norms of the oil and gas industry.

SOWER optimizes the design and deployment of our onshore well pads, ensuring the same level of quality without compromising neither degrading the safety or reliability of the facilities.

This easily adaptable innovation could be rolled out to other well pads by way of a catalogue of skids suited to different environments or types of well, resulting in the successful industrialization of the equipment for all of the Group’s onshore production well facilities.

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