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A Blockchain Platform for Secure Certification of our Equipment

A projet presented by Wim Poppe and Rémi Demange

Our plants and equipment have to meet very strict specifications. To ensure compliance, blockchain certification monitors and controls all details on certificates relating to items of plant and equipment - with total reliability. Built on a cloud platform, this technology strengthens and simplifies traceability for all stakeholders in the supply chain. The solution may be utilized in other processes that involve the examination and validation of secure documents.

Blockchain certification delivers total traceability

The safety of our staff and sustainability of our activity are dependent on the transparency and traceability of our plant and equipment throughout the supply chain. Certificates of origin and compliance attest to conformity with general standards and our own specifications. The challenge is that with the complexity of today’s globalized logistics, the reliability of information cannot be guaranteed. Published information may be incorrect, incomplete or even falsified. Added to this, the processing of the variety of paper documents associated with certification is a long and costly process.

Employing blockchain technology, our Cloud platform stores and traces all information relating to these certificates with total reliability and gives control over the flow and accuracy of data. The risk of fraudulent alteration to the certification data throughout the entire chain - from original supplier to end user - is eliminated.

Certificate of corrosion test - Blockchain Solution for Material Certification - Best Innovators 2020 - Exploration & Production - TotalEnergies

A new solution in Oil & Gas industry, tested in the Netherlands

Total Exploration & Production Nederland launched the development of this platform in May 2019, in conjunction with startup Steel Trace. All in the supply chain are participating in its development.

Unprecedented in the Oil & Gas industry, this virtual, paperless record enables users to record data and track/trace certificates in a manner that is not only 100% reliable, secure and forgery-proof, but also totally transparent.

The solution has been tested under real-life conditions in a pilot project relating to the supply of a duplex pipe. Those involved were: the manufacturer, contractor, notified authority, external laboratory and end user.

Control certificate of ferrite content management - Blockchain Solution for Material Certification - Exploration-Production - Total

The cloud platform optimizes the processing procedure

Blockchain, a breakthrough technology, enables the creation of a digital database shared between users, where any change to the data is recorded by the application of a cryptographic signature in a set of unalterable blocks. This chain of blocks contains the history of all the transactions from the outset and enables everyone to know who has made any change(s), and when.

Efficient and fast, this solution is deployed on a Cloud platform shared between the different parties in the supply chain and based on HyperLedger Besu, an open source Ethereum client. Built entirely around an API, the platform can be connected to the company’s ERP system and provides:

  • A single standardized format that guarantees the completeness and coherency of information, unlike paper formats that are sometimes difficult to understand.
  • Automated monitoring of the compliance of the piece of equipment, which can be performed directly using the required specifications loaded into the database.
  • Unique certificates without duplicates. These are transferred directly on the platform, and include the identity and digital signature of their bearer at every stage of the process.
  • Processing certificates using this method takes considerably less time, optimizes the supply chain and reduces the associated costs.