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The acquisition of subsurface data is a domain represented by a few majors as service providers giving limited opportunities to the emergence of alternative service providers. Our affiliate TEP ASD (Alternative Subsurface Data) created a Calibration and Physical Measurements Center open to all players. The aim is to qualify new logging probe manufacturers and well logging service providers to include them in our calls for tender to reduce costs.

Pierre Chuilon


Safety work first, boosting productivity, keeping technical excellence... Our Exploration & Production activities require high-quality subsurface measurements recorded by accurate instruments and important calibration resources. For a long time, our high quality and performance requirements excluded certain service providers from closely related energetic domains (such as mining, geotechnical or hydrogeological). The lack of access to the standards reproducing the main well characteristics was constraining the access to our qualification process for operations. This environment was hardly conducive to acquisition programs cost reduction.

An innovative approach

Created in 2015, our TEP ASD affiliate is recently marketing a metrology offer designed for logging probe manufacturers and well logging service providers.

Located in Artigueloutan, South West France, the physical measurement proposes 29 calibration standards in 18 silos: rock, fluid, sand, aluminum and composite standards. These standards are used to characterize a various logging probes types and related to metrology service.

This initiative is an innovative idea by the fact that no other oil company offers this kind of service. Only few of them have their own metrology centers with an exclusive using.

TEP ASD facility is therefore a strong opportunity to drive the emergence of an alternative offer to our current methods and tools. The center is currently working on certification processes to ensure compliance with the international metrology and quality standards (ISO 17025 and ISO 9001).

Identifying new service providers

Specialized well logging companies will be able to characterize and to develop technical offers suitable to various types of operations. The approach will enable them to improve the quality of their measurements with the use of the calibration process to reduce uncertainties related to measurements.

An increasing of qualified players will add value to our affiliates by boosting the competitivity on the call for tenders. TEP ASD is also open to all well logging actors from other energetic domains.

The objective of the Center is to use the operational excellence of TotalEnergies to rebuilt a metrology competency and consolidates his data interpretation expertise.

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