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Data management is a deciding factor in the efficiency and quality of our geoscientific studies. By facilitating access to all available data and sharing them amongst the various geoscientific disciplines, Sismage-CIG (Geoscience and Reservoir Integrated Platform) significantly improves our ability to valorize and capitalize on them.

Benoît Soleilhavoup


A Shared Understanding of Data in the Geosciences Chain

Data are at the core of the reservoir interpretation and modeling process. Indeed, it is our ability to ensure consistency between many different forms and scales of data (seismic, geological, wells, geographic, static or dynamic, etc.) that forms the basis of our integrated understanding of prospects and deposits.

By centralizing all the data in a workspace shared by all the geoscientific disciplines, Sismage-CIG (Geoscience and Reservoir Integrated Platform) represents a significant step forward. It streamlines the collection, validation and qualification of data in a cross-disciplinary manner and makes it possible to establish a shared understanding of the main uncertainties and heterogeneities of the prospect or deposit.

This strategic step, carried out prior to the phases of geophysical and geological interpretation and geological model creation, involves the cross-synthesis of the entire data set and delivers the key information that makes it possible to efficiently direct the geoscientific studies workflows.

Putting an end to the importing/exporting of data between the software programs of each discipline, multiplied by the numerous iterations inherent in the modeling process in particular, Sismage-CIG eliminates the loss of time and information caused by these transfers. Before Sismage-CIG, geoscientists spent around 20% of the time involved in a study searching for and performing quality controls on the available data, so the savings are significant!

A Platform with Access to Every Piece of Data

The Sismage-CIG platform has another advantage: it is able to access any data point saved to the TotalEnergies databases, particularly mapping data from the Geographic Information System (GIS). This connection, which commercially available modeling software programs are incapable of creating, provides fast, streamlined access to all TotalEnergies georeferenced data (E&P licenses, surface seismic areas, geological sampling, drilling trajectories, facilities, etc.) through reference maps that can be viewed directly on Sismage-CIG.

Fast, powerful, stable and robust, the data transfer tools developed for Sismage-CIG were designed to ensure the optimal transfer of data, in order to:

  • share qualified data between several different projects carried out using the platform with ready-to-use databases that guarantee data quality by preventing duplication
  • transfer data amongst several Sismage-CIG platforms at different sites (headquarters and subsidiaries)
  • import/export data between Sismage-CIG and other study software programs (Petrel, OpenWorks, etc.), particularly to integrate data from our partners using transfer standards (RSQML, WISTML) shared by all oil industry players.

Seismic Acquisition: Billions of Data Points

With its simple yet powerful architecture, Sismage-CIG is able to handle data volumes that are simply staggering.

This capability has proven to be extremely useful for exploration projects that involve handling hundreds of gigabytes of data, mostly generated from seismic acquisitions. These are generally synthesis projects, leveraging all available seismic data for a country or even a continent. In the latter case, Sismage-CIG has an enormous advantage in that it ensures consistency among coordinate systems that often vary from country to country.

By making it possible to manage a massive volume of data, Sismage-CIG also helps to master our increasingly large reservoir models, for which a growing number of cells improves the precision, accuracy and relevance of our 3D subsurface representations.

At TotalEnergies, we surpassed the milestone of one billion cells in 2013. In this configuration, the files containing the results of each simulation use several hundred gigabytes of space, and this presents new challenges for manipulating and displaying them.

Designed to efficiently overcome all of these challenges, the data management tools on our integrated geosciences and reservoir platform provide a crucial foundation for better performance, combining expedited studies with a better understanding of reservoirs.



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