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Enrico Zamboni


Enrico Zamboni - Geophysicist & Seismic Imaging Team Manager

Enrico is a geophysicist with multiple years experience in university, research centres and industry. In particular, Enrico has worked on many geophysical aspects, starting from acquisition, through processing, to Pre-Stack Depth Migration and AVO statistical inversion.

As a geophysicist, Enrico has been involved in 100+ 2D/3D/4D processing projects for Exploration & Production around the world. He joined Total in 2008, after five years spent in ENI processing department, and he has been involved since then in all the proprietary Wide Azimuth acquisition (Coil, WATS and B-WATS) shot in Angola for subsalt imaging.

In 2012, he moved in Luanda as a seismic operation manager for Total Exploration & Production Angola. The Angolan subsalt province is clearly one of the most challenging areas worldwide for Depth imaging. The benefits of denser and wider illumination, obtained by means of wide or full azimuth surveys, have been proved for all these exploration/development projects.

Enrico holds a M.A in Physics from university of Milan and actually is responsible of the time & depth imaging group based in Pau Headquarters.

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  • COIL project: First proprietary survey of this kind of Full Azimuth survey for Total. Enrico has been responsible for the processing and imaging of this challenging data set, that allowed the de-risking of subsalt prospects.
  • B-WATS project: As seismic operation manager for Total Exploration & Production Angola, Enrico has been directly involved in the feasibility, preparation, follow-up and processing of this full azimuth survey that, as of today, is the biggest full Azimuth proprietary survey ever shot for Total.



  • Enrico has presented his work at several international conferences and published numerous articles.


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