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Emmanuel Thomazo


Emmanuel Thomazo - Exploration Production - Total

Emmanuel Thomazo - Deputy to Senior Vice President Strategy - Business Development – R&D Division

After graduating in Chemical (École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris - ENSCP) and Refinig & Chemical Processes (Institut Français du Pétrole - IFP), Emmanuel began his career as a Process Engineer in 1992, at the Institut Français du Pétrole.

He joined Total in 1996. Following his first position in Paris, where he was in charge of various studies dealing with oil and gas field developments, he completed overseas placements between 1997 and 2004 (Abu Dhabi, Libya, Angola). In 2004, he was appointed Senior Planning and Development Engineer for projects in the Americas.

He then joined our Representative Office in Abu Dhabi as Deputy Chief Representative & Technical Manager. Back at our Paris headquarters, he was nominated Senior Negotiator for New Venture and Asset Management before joining the Europe Central Asia geographical division as Technical Director.

His current position is Deputy to Senior Vice President Strategy – Business Development – R&D division since 2017.

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