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Anahita Abadpour


Anahita Abadpour - Exploration Production - Total

Anahita Abadpour - Specialist in Optimization Method & Ensemble Method

After graduating in Engineering at the Sharif University of Technology (Iran), Anahita completed her PhD at the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine in 2008, with her thesis on “Proposing semi-analytical asymptotic solutions for gas injection EOR problems”.

She joined Total in 2009 as a Research Reservoir Engineer. She is now a Senior Reservoir engineer with high R&D orientations, specialized in optimization methods, focused on data assimilation with ensemble based methods for reservoir history matching and uncertainty assessments.

In February 2017, she was appointed Assisted History Matching Specialist. In charge of the EnHM tool, she is responsible for its development inside the Sismage-CIG solution, support for operational field studies, specification and follow-up of R&D activities.

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V. Zaccardi, A. Abadpour, N. Haller, P. Berthet, D. Rappin, J. Grange-Praderas, Integrated Geo-modelling and Ensemble History Matching of Highly Faulted Turbiditic Reservoir Model, Fourth EAGE Conference on Petroleum Geostatistics, 2-6 September 2019, Florence, Italy.

A. Thenon, A. Abadpour, T. Chugunova, Updating MPS Facies Realizations Using the Ensemble Smoother with Multiple Data Assimilation, Fourth EAGE Conference on Petroleum Geostatistics, 2-6 September 2019, Florence, Italy.

A. Abadpour, M. Adejare, T. Chugunova, H. Matheo, N. Haller, Integrated Geo-modeling And Ensemble History Matching Of Complex Fractured Carbonate And Deep Offshore Turbidite Fields, SPE-193028-MS, Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), 12-15 November 2018 Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A. Abadpour, Total’s Ensemble History Matching software and industrialization plans, 12th International EnKF Workshop, 12-14 June 2017, Os, Norway.

A. Abadpour, M. Adejare, T. Chugunova, R. Deboaisne, Characterization and uncertainty reduction on Facies distribution and probability cubes With ensemble Kalman filter history matching, SPE-186074-MS, SPE Reservoir Characterization and Simulation Conference and Exhibition, 8-10 May 2017 Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A. Abadpour, Uncertainty quantification and reservoir history matching, an inverse problem in the oil industry, CERFACS Workshop on Uncertainty Quantification, 3 October 2016, Toulouse, France.

A. Abadpour, Ensemble Based Data Assimilation to Reduce Hierarchical Architectural and Structural Uncertainties on Real Geomodels, 14th European Conference on the mathematics of Oil Recovery, 8-11 September 2014, Catania, Sicily, Italy.

A. Abadpour, P. Bergey and R. Piasecki, Benefiting from variogram information to characterize facies distribution in history matching with EnKF, 11th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition (GEO2014)  9-12 March 2014, Manama, Bahrain.  

A. Abadpour, Data assimilation with ensemble based methodologies, addressing inverse problems in oil industry, MCPIT2013: Modelling, Control and Inverse Problems for the Planet Earth in all its states, 18-22 November 2013, Paris, France.

A. Abadpour, R. Piasecki, P. Bergey and M. Trani, Keeping geological realism with the enkf using distance to boundary parameterization, Integration of 4D Seismic and Production Data for Reservoir Management - Application to Norne, SPE Workshop 26-27 June 2013, Trondheim, Norway.

A. Abadpour, P. Bergey and R. Piasecki, History match with ensemble based methods: Use of Distance to boundary parameterization to address facies uncertainty and 4D seismic observation, 8th International EnKF Workshop, 27-29 May 2013, Steinsland, Norway.

A. Abadpour, P. Bergey and R. Piasecki, 4D Seismic History Matching With Ensemble Kalman Filter-Assimilation on Hausdorff Distance to Saturation Front, 2013 SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium. 13RSS-P-336-SPE. 18-20 February 2013, The Woodlands, Texas, USA

A. Abadpour, Ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation to condition a real reservoir model to well test observation, 13th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery. 10-13 September 2012, Biarritz, France.

M. Panfilov, M. Ghesmoune and A. Abadpour, Method of Negative Saturation and Interface Stabilization for Multiphase Compositional Flow in Porous Media, 13th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery. 10-13 September 2012, Biarritz, France.

A. Abadpour and P. Bergey, Constraining map properties to production data using ensemble based assisted history matching: a real field case study, 7th International EnKF Workshop, 18-20 June 2012, Os, Norway.

A. Abadpour, R. Rivenq, History Matching and Production Forecast Uncertainty Using Ensemble Kalman Filter: a Real Field Case Study, 6th International EnKF Workshop, 20-22 June 2011, UlviK, Norway.

A. Abadpour and M. Panfilov, Asymptotic Decomposed Model of Two-phase Compositional Flow in Porous Media: Analytical Front Tracking Method for Riemann Problem, Transport in Porous Media, DOI: 10.1007/s11242- 008-9310-0

A. Abadpour and M. Panfilov, Method of Negative Saturations for Modelling Two phase Compositional Flow with Oversaturated Zones, Transport in Porous Media, DOI: 10.1007/s11242-009-9428-8

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